Upgrade and Backup - Safetely

Hi all!
thanks to suggestion of Flamber to an update. I have some questions (i read about in the forum …but I cannot very well understand).
Metabase was installed by me (but I don’t rembember how …:() in my VPS linux server bi.idblab.com and is connected to a MySql database that is hosted in the same machine. I remind I did something with an installation file …or something similar, but now … I don’t know how to:

  1. Backup the files (I can only backup the machine vps), because I don’t see directory in \publichtml i see some java files but I am not sure is all related to that files
  2. Installing new version safetely. I have 20 people connected and I don’t want to make a mess! …

Can someone help me?


If it’s just a regular Linux server (not one of those new fangled docker variants), you just overwrite the metabase.jar file, then restart the service.
On my Ubuntu server, I normally just overwrite the jar, then do any OS updates at the same time, then reboot.
If it goes wrong, you can just restore your MySQL backup (you do have one, don’t you :smiley:

I will try …keep finger crossed :smiley:

…mmm… ok!

  1. i downloaded metabase.jar
  2. renamed in my Cpanel metabase.jar in metabase.old
  3. uploaded the new metabase.jar
    …and now what? … the bi …is still the same



The most important thing is to backup the metadata, so make sure that you’re sure that Metabase uses your database for metadata - or maybe it’s using the default H2 database file, usually located in the same directory as the jar file.

What OS are you running? Are you running as a service? If yes, then you need to stop it first (possibly service metabase stop), then you can replace the jar-file (make sure file permissions are similar), and then you start it again (possibly service metabase start).

Otherwise you need to explain more details.