Upgrade from open-source (on prim) to pro has messed up the instance

We initially tested the on-premises open-source version of Metabase and created several reports and dashboards. After a couple of months of testing, we decided to purchase the Pro license to leverage additional features such as advanced embedding and white labeling. However, upon adding the Pro key and updating the instance, we encountered several issues.

One minor concern is that the positions (x,y) of all the widgets have been disrupted. However, our main concerns are:

  1. Custom fields that utilized the ConvertTimeZone function are no longer recognized as valid functions. As a result, reports, models, and dashboards that relied on these custom fields are now generating errors.

  2. We are unable to save previously created dashboards, and an error message indicates that there is no column named "sizeX."

These issues have significantly impacted the functionality and usability of our Metabase instance. Anyone else ran into same issues? We are running version 1.44.7

are you completely sure you didn't upgrade first to a newer version and then downgraded? those errors are of changes we did to Metabase in 45-46

The change between oss and pro doesn't have any impact, the code is the exact same one, but built with some extensions. Please contact us to help at metabase dot com where we provide priority support for trialers and paid customers