Upgrade of the Metabase version

What the steps to upgrade a Metabase version?

Hi @evaldooliveira
That depends on how you are running Metabase:

Hi @flamber!
But do I have to replace the only file for the new version?
I have been using the 0.33.3 version. What are the steps to upgrade to the 0.37.3 version?

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@evaldooliveira I have no idea how you are currently running Metabase.
Post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.

@flamber I have been running Metabase on 0.33.3 version with Windows 10 and Java 8. Do I have to stop the Metabase and replace the only metabase.jar file with the new version and start the Metabase? Is this it?

@evaldooliveira Yes, exactly what the documentation says. Make sure you have backups before upgrading.

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@flamber IS Upgrading Metabase version will affect the settings (including dashboards/questions) in the previous version?

@Timple I’m not sure I understand. If you upgrade Metabase, it’s like upgrading Windows/OSX, so some things might change, but most things will mostly be the same.
But make sure you have a backup of your application database before upgrading, since you might not be able to downgrade unless you revert to a backup - this is just in case you encounter problems or something doesn’t work as expected.

Thanks much @flamber

Hi @flamber,

How do I backup all my questions before upgrading my Metabase in docker?

@tunde Well, it has nothing to do with where Metabase is running, but where the application database is.
Check "Diagnostic Info" in Admin > Troubleshooting to see which application database you're using.
If you want to backup Docker containers, then it's fairly simple: