Upgrade to Enterprise Edition v1.39.3 (self-host)


I have metabase v0.38.2 hosted on my virtual machine. Is it possible to upgrade to Metabase Enterprise Edition v1.39.3 (in the same self-host solution) without losing all the data I have there and keeping the same links from the public dashboard I built?


Hi @renatojmsantos
You can switch between editions, but always switch to the same version. So either upgrade from 0.38.2 to 0.39.3, then switch to 1.39.3 - or switch from 0.38.2 to 1.38.2, then upgrade to 1.39.3

Ok, thanks! And I can upgrade from 0.38.2 to 0.39.3 without changing the public link from a public dashboard that i built? And mantein all the cards, questions and dashboards? (it is self-host) I am running as service from a jar file...

@renatojmsantos Yes, everything is maintained during upgrades, besides what might have changed between the versions.