Upgraded to the latest build and noticed this


I upgraded to the latest build and noticed new load right after upgrading. It was in this format:

SELECT TOP 301 “dbo”.“TableName”.“Column1” AS “SUBJECT_TYPE” FROM “dbo”.“TableName” GROUP BY “dbo”.“TableName”.“Column1” ORDER BY “dbo”.“TableName”.“Column1” ASC

so basically lots of queries in the above format, with actual tables and columns in the “TableName” and “Column1” part

This wasn’t happening before and I have turned off in-depth analysis, which similar queries were being generated from.

My problem is that I don’t want this reoccurring load. Is this intended?

I wanted to add some more color - I ended up rebooting and it continued so I rolled back and its gone.

I believe this was a regression caused by the new remapping feature in 0.25, and was fixed in version 0.25.2 which we shipped yesterday.