Upgrading Metabase and package versions

I am a security engineer using a tool that tells me when certain resources in our cloud environment need their packages upgraded to a newer version. Our data team has a Docker container in AWS that runs a self hosted Metabase application, and we don't seem to know what package version they would be on if they upgrade to a newer Metabase version, so I'm not sure if that would even remedy the issue.

Is there any way we can tell if upgrading the Metabase version will also upgrade the package versions to the most recent ones (depending on when the latest Metabase version was rolled out)
Is there some other way we should be doing this?

Example packages:
busybox, zlib, freetype, libretls, ssl_client

Hi @securityengineer
Every new release of Metabase includes the latest Alpine image in the Docker image, which has the latest versions. So upgrade to the latest release.