Upload Brazilian Map [ SOLVED ]



Anyone help me to upload a brazilian map in meetabase plss???

Follow exemples:



Hi @Hlopes
Have you searched for “brazil geojson” ? There are many results on Google/Bing, but it all depends on how specific the data needs to be.


I tried, however I did not understand which link I have to reference when they ask me in the metabase


You have to provide an URL to a GeoJSON file. Did you do that? Are you seeing any errors?


I uploaded the map, but at the time of editing my query to select the map it does not open, did I upload it wrong


Your query must match the region’s identifier.
Tell us how u doing this.



Can you provide a step-by-step how to reproduce the error you’re seeing?
If you’re using a public GeoJSON, then provide a link to that.


You will eventually stumble across it, so I’m linking my issue here:

It is possible that you can’t see anything because of a bug.