Upload CSV & Home setting


I'm looking for some documentation about two things:
(For the 0.47 RC1 version)

  • How can you specify the delimiter for a CSV file?
    When I import my file, it's useless in MB. All the columns are put into one.
    Our delimiter (and mostly used in our case) is ;

  • You can now choose a dashboard to be set as homepage => nice! But how can I change it again?
    As I can't go back to the previous default homepage where that button was.

Nobody? :frowning:

Not an answer sorry, but I too am now stuck with a hastily selected dashboard as the homepage and no idea how to change it. I'm keeping any eye on this topic myself, hoping for an answer. Lucky it's only in the test environment.

I found the CSV functionality to work quite well on the first few randomly selected CSV files I threw at it. Maybe for now just pre-process your ";" separated files to make them a CSV? But I agree, being able to specify the field separator would be really useful.

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@cobalt Found the homepage setting. Can't believe I missed it now that I see it.

Go to Admin > General > Custom Homepage section

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There’s no configuration for the delimiter right now, sorry :frowning:

I hope this will come soon :frowning: