Usage statistics


Not sure if the feature already exists, but there should be a way to monitor and collect usage statistics of a metabase instance.
For example

  • Number of daily users
  • Number of new questions executed
  • Number of access by dashbaord
  • etc…

For now we can monitor who is using the tool from the people page in the admin panel. (like when is last time that particular user logged in)

Im not sure how heavy collecting all these data could be (esp if its at the query level) So it could also be metrics sent by the api and it would the responsibility of admin to setup a database to store the data.

These metrics can be valuable for metabase operators so that they can push the tool in their respective organization

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Sorry this was stupid question. Everything is in the DB…
Anyway do you guys have dashboards tracking your MB usage ? Maybe we can have one added by default in Metabase.

Most of our internal usage tracking is related to which features are being used, and error states. We generally don’t report internal usage numbers in any real way, but we do track things like “are people using sql or the gui?”, “are people using metabot?”, “how many active questioners vs passive viewers are there”.

We collect all the application DBs of our internal instances into a central DWH, and point an instance at that DWH.

Yep pretty cool.

If you are using metabase to display this info would be cool to get screenshot.
My suggestion was that on top of the sample dataset the metabase DB can also be added along with a dashbaord showing some metabase usage metrics.

I guess every admin is intersted or already prepared such dashboard for himself :slight_smile:

For your collected statistics, i would guess that they are a bit biased since Entreprises will not send any statistics(often running in intranet)


We have plans along that line. We’ve waiting on it until we have permissions in place. Exposing the application database opens ups all kinds of security concerns.

I was looking for information on tracking usage of metabase and stumbled upon this discussion.
I have a working metabase but can’t access any statistical information at all. In this two year old topic it is mentioned that statistics are by default accessible through metabase. But it doesn’t seem to be the case for me.

How can I access the metabase usage and statistics database? Is this at all possible with todays version?

EDIT: I finally added the statistics database. In the metabase settings I added a h2 database with “file:/pathToTheMetabaseDirectory/metabase.db” as the connection String.

Hi there – You should be able to find (well, derive) a bunch of usage statistics from the tables within the Metabase database itself. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now :slight_smile:

Hey - I know this question is kinda old! But how do you connect to the Metabase database itself to view usage statistics? Thank you!

That would depend on which internal database you’re using. You just setup the connection details in the same manner.

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Hi all, I am trying to get stats on users who have accessed certain column data.
Even when users write raw query with out saving it, based on execution of query.
can we get these stats ?

No, you would have to do that on somewhere else, since the user can just type SELECT *.
You would need a middle-layer that collects that information - probably debug-logging on the database would be able to collect that.
You can find the queries in query and who’s running them in query_execution

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