Use contains to check if one column contains the string in another

I'm using the query builder to create a report and want to add a custom column that tells me if the string in one column contains the string in another.

My data looks like this:

shopper_id shop_id shopper → fruit_wanted shop → fruit_for_sale
1 1 apple apple, pear, banana
1 2 apple kiwi, banana
2 1 banana apple, pear, banana
2 2 banana pear, banana

I'm using case and contains to do this:
case(contains([shop → fruit_for_sale], [shopper → fruit_wanted]), "Match", "No Match")

I get an error when I hit visualize (see below)

Is it not allowed to use data in one column as the search string for the contains function? If I instead hardcode the search string e.g.
case(contains([shop → fruit_for_sale], "banana"), "Match", "No Match")
it works fine but isn't what I need!

There was a problem with your question

Most of the time this is caused by an invalid selection or bad input value. Double check your inputs and retry your query.

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Here's the full error message

Input to update-string-value does not match schema: e[0;33m [(named [(named (not (= :value :field)) :value) nil nil] value) nil] e[0m

try removing the case, then test if it capture the contains. i think its missing the condition for the case the reason its throwing an error.

or try doing this case(isnotnull(contains([shop → fruit_for_sale], "banana")),"Match", "No Match")

haven't tried it though