Use metabase insights to filter users and send push notifications via Firebase Cloud Messaging

Hey everyone,
I'm using metabase for data visualisation. For various metrics, I want to filter and send users push notification via Firebase Cloud Messaging. Is there a way I can send push notifications inside metabase without exporting the data and using a 3rd party tool. I'm open to contribute to this feature if it's already not available. Can someone please help me out?


Hi @zentiasas
I don't understand what you mean by "filter users", but it sounds like you are looking for an alternative to Slack: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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By "filter users" I meant to send push notifications only to certain set of users that I filtered based on my data visualization in metabase. Eg. send push notifications to people who have not used the app in the last 3 days. I want to somehow integrate firebase cloud messaging REST APIs inside metabase where I can send those push notifications. What do you guys use for sending push notifications by the marketing team of your organisation?

@zentiasas Metabase is a self-hosted application, so no, we don't send any notifications to anyone using the self-hosted version.
You would have to code something externally that looks in the application database to get the information you're trying to filter by.

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