Use of filter in dashboard

I m a beginner in using metabase ,while creating dashboards using metabase i m struggling to put filter in the dashboard so kindly provide some steps or procedure to put filter in the dashboard and please confirm is there any relationship of segment and matrix while adding the filter

please kindly acknowledge my issue
Thanks in advance (Abhinab)

Hi Abhinab,

There are two steps to set filters on dashboards:

  1. every question that you want to put in the dashboard and that you want to use with the filter has to have the filter in their syntax.

(As I use a MySQL database the following syntax is mySQL - might differ slightly if you use another database)
When you set up a question use the variables on the right to define a filter:

In my question the syntax
and receiver_identifier = {{var}}
[[and {{date}}]]

leads to the following filters:

  1. When you then create a new dashboard you can add a filter to this dashboard:
    and choose for every question which filter field you want to link to the dashboard filter.

Hope that helps!
I am not sure what you mean with segments and matrix in combination to the filters, could you give an example?
Cheers, Eva