Use of filter values as link parameter

Hi all,

I have a question and one of the result columns I need to show as a link to another dashboard.

The question is an aggregated question (or a join), but not written as SQL, since I would like to use a notebook and have filters, column order, etc, functions that as not available, afaik, when the question is defined as SQL>

The link that I would like at first was something like

But the dashboard needs the filter selections to show the correct data, i.e, I need the link to be something like it

filter_values1 and filter_value2 are based on other columns rather than column1 and column2

I tried but I couldn't figure out how to use the filter values

Is it possible? If yes, can anyone give me directions?
If it is not, any workaround?


I don't think that was ever possible in Metabase. You could try coding some external service that you can redirect to and does the calculations you need.

So far I couldn't find any solution.

An external service would need the filter selected to be passed as URL parameters, so the problem remains.