Use plugins in a Heroku deployment

Hey guys,

I tried searching for this anwer in the forum but couldn't find anything related to it.

Simply put: I'd like to add the CSV importer plugin (repo here) but I have no clue about what should be done.

Can anyone please help me providing simple easy-to-follow steps (I'm very noob at git and other CLI commands).

Thanks in advance!

Hi @vitaum88
I would recommend using a different service than Heroku, since you would most likely get stuck on the version you would have to build - see How to connect metabase running on heroku with Oracle database?

Hi @flamber!

Thanks for the prompt reply, and sorry for my late answer.

I'm very new to all this tech stuff, and since I work for a startup, we don't really have a strong IT team which could help us. Is what you're proposing quite easy to do/setup?

@vitaum88 No, I would recommend that you select another service, perhaps Elastic Beanstalk:
Installing plugins (Oracle driver) on an AWS EB instance
Or just a simple Docker setup.
Or import the CSV into a database, which Metabase supports, see comments here: csv impo

It's on the roadmap to have CSV integrated into Metabase. I don't know the implementation details yet.