Use PRQL for the query editor to make things easier and more capable?


I recently came across PRQL and since I didn't find any mention of that on the forums or on the GitHub repo, I thought it's a good idea to put that on the input table for discussion.

With PRQL one can generate SQL queries in various flavours in a kind of more logic or procedural way than by using SQL itself. They call it 'Pipelined Relational Query Language'. And that quite overlaps with the Metabase UI when editing queries, I would say! Both are doing things step by step and from top to bottom.

So why not team up with PRQL or simply use that as the translator when editing queries with the Metabase GUI to creating and executing SQL? That might free up resources for Metabase itself, while at the same time giving even more functions to query editing like window function.

Example from docs:

from employees
filter salary < (average salary)

One must keep in mind that they have not yet reached version 1.0, so some breaking changes are still ahead.