Use the Color of a table's attribute

hi everyone,
i have a table which has a Color attribute (it is a varchar like "#ffffff" for white). is it possible to use its colors to display results (not the metabase default Colors)?
thank you for your answers, have a nice day

Hi @armandviolle
I don't think I understand what "attribute" is, but it sounds like you're looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

yes sorry attribute=field ^^
i still don't get how to display the graph using my Color Field (in hex code)....

i've not a specific Color code to use and it would be easier if i could directly use the Color from the table

@armandviolle I'm getting confused. Now you writing "graph". But Metabase doesn't not have an option to change the color based on something that comes dynamically from your database. That's what issue 6606 is requesting.

that's my bad, my explanations are really poor.
i meant that i want to use the color field of my table to display its associated information within the graph, in the corresponding color ^^
but with your answer it seems that it is not possible... isn't it ?

@armandviolle If you "table" comes your database, then no. Metabase does not support dynamic colors.

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ok... thank you for your time and your answers!