User attributes in Embed

Hello Team,

We have trail Metabase Enterprise edition and we are trying to use Embedding.

  1. We have SSO enabled, which is Sign in with Google.
    But when trying to use Sand Box on a table, it shows that SSO should be SAML.

I tried to manually add an attribute to a user, but we have multiple users and this is not a feasible solution.

Could you please guide as how can I create a Sand box table, with the current SSO(Google) and set the filter conditions, like below image:

And if this needs to be posted on support forum, could you please provide me with the email id/link, where I should post this.


Hi @Anuraag
Google Sign-in does not provide attribute information.
But it is possible to setup Google as a SAML provider, which you can then use in Metabase with SAML.

You should use the support email if you are using the Enterprise/Pro edition of Metabase.


I want to pass a parameter, to my embed, to filter out based on business logic.
For this, I'm trying to use Locked parameters.

But as soon as I click on Locked, it returns to the question UI and nothing happens.
Is this a bug? I'm not able to make a parameter as locked.

@Anuraag It's a known issue that we've fixed and will be part of 1.42.2 shortly: