User Control

Hello people,

How do I know which user (s) are logged in, or which users are accessing a question or dashboard? Would you “knock down” a user?

Hi @Lourival
You’re not looking for “control”, but analytics. There’s more advanced analytics part of the Enterprise Edition, like Audit.
Have a look at this topic for some handy queries: Metabase Metadata SQL

Oh yes, I’m evaluating these features here, but in fact, I’d like to know who’s online right now, to know if I can crash the server or something.

@Lourival Okay, you can get some information about the last queries executed, which would tell you if there’s any activity.
To see if there’s active browser connections, then you should probably look at current connections on the server - example lsof -i :3000 (if 3000 is your Metabase port).
Or if you use a reverse-proxy (like Nginx), then they usually have a way to list active connections.

Ok @flamber, thanks a lot. I will do tests here.