User specific data to be shown

Hi, I have a table which holds information by users. I would like when users logs into metabase he is able to see only his data from the table. It should work even when he is accessing that table for building new cards. How can this be achieved

We call this feature “data sandboxing,” and it’s currently available in the enterprise edition of Metabase.

Is there anyway this can be achieved in community edition

Hello maz,
I took a look in the documentation about sandboxes and I can sandbox a column per table.
In my case I have all my clients in the same database and separated by a unique key. What I’ve understood is that with sandbox I can use this unique key to sandbox and each client will only see their data in the whole table, not only that column with sandbox. Did I get it right?

Hi @leonardo
Correct, sandboxing will match on the column, but apply to the whole table.