User unable to Login

User is unable to log in after several attempts at password reset/ deactivating account and re-instating. Keeps display error message of either password don't match or much wait several seconds to attempt next login but still doesn't work. Have tried to login on seperate browsers safari and chrome and done browser reset but still not fixed the issue.

Is there any advice/documentation for this?

Hi @Dsmith87
Upgrade to latest release - 0.38.3 - it's likely a problem with case-sensitivity, which was fixed in 0.37.0

This would be just for one user and we are using the open source/free version

@Dsmith87 You're using 0.34.3 which is more than a year old. I would highly recommend upgrading.
Check if the user was created with different casing (see the core_user table in the application database).