Users are able to view report but download csv has permission error

Scenario: User has view permissions on a report and granular data permissions on specific table. And report 3 filters
Issues1: With default selection report refreshes successfully, but when user updates one of the filters and refreshes report throws error that you don't have permissions. And when the user refreshes entire page with updated filter values, report runs fine.
Ask: Do user requires native query permissions to modify/update filter values?
issue2: With same configuration, user able to view report and report being downloaded in to csv format, it shows ""error_type":"missing-required-permissions" error.
Ask: In this scenario, granular permissions are not working, when i grant native query and unrestricted access on underlying database, it works. But thats not desired permissions we want to grant, how to fix?

Here is our deployment info:

"browser-info": {
"language": "en-US",
"platform": "Win32",
"userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36",
"vendor": "Google Inc."
"system-info": {
"file.encoding": "UTF-8",
"": "OpenJDK Runtime Environment",
"java.runtime.version": "",
"java.vendor": "Eclipse Adoptium",
"java.vendor.url": "",
"java.version": "",
"": "OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM",
"java.vm.version": "",
"": "Linux",
"os.version": "5.10.162+",
"user.language": "en",
"user.timezone": "UTC"
"metabase-info": {
"databases": [
"hosting-env": "unknown",
"application-database": "mysql",
"application-database-details": {
"database": {
"name": "MySQL",
"version": "5.7.28-log"
"jdbc-driver": {
"name": "MariaDB Connector/J",
"version": "2.6.2"
"run-mode": "prod",
"version": {
"date": "2022-02-28",
"tag": "v0.42.2",
"branch": "release-x.42.x",
"hash": "d6ff494"
"settings": {
"report-timezone": null

hi, the version is extremely old so we're not able to help here unless you move to a recent version (45-46). We fixed that issue most problably

@Luiggi - Can you please confirm whether its known issue and It has been identified in 42.2? Reason for the ask is, if we know for sure, we like to know the root cause of this and will prioritize product upgrade accordingly.

Thank you.