Users can't view results of question that builds on queries they can't access

Hi all!

We have a fairly complex data model, and currently no mature data layer to perform the transform step pre-metabase. This means we frequently need to effect a "transform" step in our queries in the following fashion:

Table -> Question 1 -> Question 2
Where we need no one but the data team to have access to Table or Question 1, and for Question 2 to be widely sharable.

However, I can't find a way to let a user view Question 2 without also letting them view Question 1, which we can't allow. I can see that if I wanted I'm able to let users view Question 1 and block Table just fine, but that's not helpful for me here.

This feels like a really basic thing, so I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious, but I couldn't find help via search/google. Please help! Metabase isn't a usable solution currently without that ability.

N.B. In reality Question 1 is usually built on many tables, and Question 2 is usually formed of a mixture of tables and questions, but I don't know the complexity adds any clarity.

We're running self hosted jar, pro tier, v1.46.4.

Thank you for reading!

Hi! You might be able to use data sandboxes for this.

You would make a custom sandbox to display the result of Question 2 in place of the Table.

And then you can put Question 1 and Question 2 in admin-only collections.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

Hey! Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately looks like a) you can only have one sandbox per table, which doesn't work in our case, b) that wouldn't be very scalable in our case even if it worked.

Oh dear! It seems such an obvious use case that I'm really surprised if this hasn't come up before. Hopefully I'm wrong and there's another solution else may have to look elsewhere :grimacing: