Using a saved metric in v0.27

when you create metrics in v0.27 and then use it when you create a new query, you don´t find the name of the metric you use anywhere in the question. Would be nice to have that somewhere to know what metric you are looking at right now.

Hmm that’s strange: the metric’s name should appear in the spot where “choose an aggregation” is in your screenshot. I wasn’t able to reproduce this right now, but I have sporadically seen this behavior I think. What’s the database type for this metric, Eva?

Hi @maz, thanks for your quick response! I use a mysql database for metabase data. My metric is a count of data with 2 filters.

Hmm, and are you always seeing this behavior where it says Choose an aggregation instead of displaying the metric name? Are you getting to this state from the New Question --> Metrics flow, or when clicking on a saved question that uses your metric? What happens if you refresh your browser while looking at this question?

Hi @maz, thanks for all the suggestions - sadly I had to remove v0.27 from my test platform as it was somehow interfering with our live version. I will test that again (probably next year) when we have the test platform set up and running smoothly.