Using a SQL Table(s) powering WordPress

I’m fairly new to Metabase and would love to understand if my user-case makes sense.

At my last job, we used Metabase which was awesome.

Here’s what I am hoping to achieve…to connect Metabase to our WordPress SQL Table(s).

The reason for this is because some data within our WordPress SQL Table(s) is both public and private facing. A lot of the data within our WordPress application can be used by my staff which I’d like to be able to visualize.

So, my question is, is it possible to “connect” Metabase to a WordPress SQL Table? Can anyone see any complication with this?


If your WordPress Database is MySQL maybe you can do it easily:

In this article you can know how to find the WordPress database configurations and insert then in Metabase.

Let me know if it helps you.

OK great - yes, WordPress is MySQL.

I guess I can get started and test it out…


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