Using between in a custom column with a case statement

Hi, I've created a custom column that uses a case statement to group different conditions. I'm trying to use a between but it's tossing me an error. See screenshot to see what I'm trying to do. Any guidance?

Hi @tjmule
Would be a little easier if you also pasted the formula, so I don't have to write from a screenshot :wink: , but
case([Attendance Rate] > 0.95, "Satisfactory", between([Attendance Rate], 0.90, 0.95), "Moderate", [Attendance Rate] <= 0.90, "At Risk", [Attendance Rate] <= 0.85, "Severe")

AHAHA I deserve that. And Flamber, if we ever meet, I owe you a beer or a cupcake or whatever bc you're always bailing me out! Thanks so much!

@tjmule :beers: - you should change <= 0.90 to < 0.90, since 0.90 is part of the previous between. Not that it really matters, since it would correctly be detected as Moderate, since it's left to right, but just so the logic also checks out for humans.

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Good call. Thanks!!