Using data from the table to apply filter

hi all,
i am new to metabase so m just exploring it. is there any way of getting the values we earlier got in our table as a dropdown in filter. let me try to explain my question-
suppose i got a school database, with tables of each class with all details of students in it.
now if i retrieve a table of students of only 8th grade evening batch and filter it by students name. if i apply a field filter on name and refer it to 8th grade table…it will give me drpdown list of all the students (including morning and evening batch). But i want only evening batch students name in dropdown.

hope i made the case clear… i jst want to know how to use the retrieved data in as a ref. to the filters rather than whole table.

Search on ‘cascading’. The only way to do it is by embedding the dashboard in a web page and passing the parameters from the web page to Metabase.
For example, I have a care company with ‘Offices’. Each Office has ‘Team Groups’, each Team Group as ‘Teams’ containing ‘Carrers’.
I have drop downs that allow them to filter the lower levels based upon the higher.
Downside is that you lose the interactivity with the questions.

so its not possible as of now to have this functanality in the dashboard right away.

You can filter the table in-place by clicking on the column you want to filter, it’s just not a drop down:

@prashantpnd07 That functionality is planned for 0.37.0:

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