Using IFrameResizer with embedding question of visualization type table

I have used IframeResizer for embedding dashboard. But possibly it will not work for embedding question of visualization type table. Response is paginated based on window size. Thus it is paginated with one record per page and even that one record is not visible.

Is there a way we can set minimum number of rows per page for question of visualization type table? Or any other better solution without hard coding height for iframe?

Hi @tachniki
There are several issues open on the iFrameResize implementation, so I’m not sure if one of those might be causing something here, but have you considered wrapping the iframe like this? This should make the iframe fill the width of it’s container and have a minimum height of 200px - adjust that to whatever feels best for you:

<div style="min-height:200px;">

Thanks @flamber for good solution. I instead used min-height in iframe. And that worked well too.

    <iframe  src="<%= @iframe_url %>" style="width:100%; min-height:520px;" frameborder=0 allowtransparency=true %>
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