Using ilike '% {{variable_text}}%'

I’m trying to using [[where name_field like ‘%{{variable_name}}%’]] as option variable and I’m getting this msg :
“The column index is out of range: 1, number of columns: 0.”

btw this variable works only in the “question” mode, not in dashboard, right?
Tks in advanced

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[[where name_filed like {{variable_name}}]] I got it only if when write like this and when the user write the variable text, insert %text typed% with % character.

I didnt like, but the only solution so far, when we want to search some word.
if we could insert % in the SQL it would be better and clean.

[[where lower(name_field) like lower(concat(’%’,{{variable_name}},’%’))]]

Use this instead, should work and be cleaner for your users.


Tks so much kenneth_wd! I got it following your tip!