Using Link from query to =IMPORTDATA do not work


I did a query and created the link from it in order to put on a Google Sheets with the IMPORTDATA. But when I do that, in the Sheets appears Error Result was not automatically expanded, please insert more columns (1169).

Does somebody knows why?

The result of the query is a table with 2 columns.

Thank you

Hi @Laura.dropp
You should try asking in a Google Sheets forum. You have a value somewhere in your sheet, which is preventing the import from expanding the results.

I used the TRANSPOSE formula, in order to bring the data from columns to rows and then it loaded. But what appeared is not my table . It came this information:

<!doctype html>Metabase{"engines":{"postgres":{"details-fields":[{"name":"host"


Do you know why? Is a shared link from a question made in query that the result is a table with 2 columns

It worked, I needed to add CSV in metabase!!

hi @Laura.dropp does your data auto refresh or do you have a way to handle it?