Using metabase API to create question

Hi, I am using the API to try and create a question directly in metabase.
When I add any filter to the native query from the UI, that filter gets a unique ID which is sent with the POST '/card' request.

Please help with how do I get that ID when I am doing that from terminal directly.

Following is the json I am sending with the POST request
{'name': 'api_question_name',
'dataset_query': {'type': 'native',
'native': {'query': '{{filt1}}\n{{filt2}}'},
'database': 2,
'template-tags': {'try_plan_type': {'name': 'filt1',
'display-name': 'Filt 1',
'type': 'text'},
'try_domain_status': {'name': 'filt2',
'display-name': 'Filt 2',
'type': 'text'}}},
'display': 'table',
'collection_id': 999,
'visualization_settings': {}}

Hi @omkar
Have a look here: Automate field filter creation