Using parameterised saved question to create a new question

After the update, when a saved question has parameters and we are using that in question by {{ #Qnumber }}. Metabase throws error stating “missing required parameters”. but how do we specify them ??

My saved question is 213 and it has a date parameter “from_date”.

When i use Q-213 to create new question,
select * from ({{ #213 }}) as x
The above query will throw below error.
missing required parameters: #{“from_date”}

Hi @Karthik_V_V
It’s currently not possible to set the parameters of a sub-question. It’s the same problem as Saved Questions. I think this is the issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Thanks @flamber :slight_smile:

The docs are a bit misleading then, because the example given specifically uses parameters in the saved question:
SELECT count(*) FROM products WHERE True [[AND {{id}}]] [[AND {{category}}]]

@dave_1 The documentation for sub-queries (the new feature since 0.35), does not show that example:

That documentation page contains many different examples for multiple types and different databases.
Parameters are one of the most advanced functions of Metabase - and something that is easily misunderstood - so we’re working on rewriting it completely.