Using Postgresql but "unable to connect" to H2

Hello forum,

I managed to correctly install Metabase (using the .jar file) on a windows server 2008.
However a “windows update” put a problem into light. Hopefully you can help me with.

During the installation, I used a Postgresql database, started my questions, did a few queries etc.

The update obviously closed the java process and on startup I get:
“Unable to connect to Metabase h2 DB”

Any idea how I can fix this?

Moreover I would like to use this GUIDE
to configure Metabase to Postgresql. But I do not know where I need to input the code:
export MB_DB_TYPE=postgres
export MB_DB_DBNAME=metabase
export MB_DB_PORT=5432
export MB_DB_USER=
export MB_DB_PASS=
export MB_DB_HOST=localhost
java -jar metabase.jar

It would seem that I need to put that in my cmd prompt but ‘export’ is not recognised as a command.

Any hints ?

You use the settings like that for Linux, not Windows. You need to create environment variables.