Using Results to Reference Another Table's Results

Hello - First time posting here,
Question hoping someone can help me with here…

I’m trying to display the names of users from a specific company.

So, I can filter out all the users from one company, however, they are just user ID’s. The names of those users are in another table.

How do I use the results of one search (which are all user IDs) to search another table to get what I’m looking for (names).

Thank you in advance and let me know if you need any specifics

Hi @mchoey
Which version of Metabase? And which database are you querying?
If I understand correctly, then you need to adjust your Data Model (in Admin panel), so you set the UserID to be a Foreign Key and then set the Display Value to be the UserName.
Read more about how to define the metadata in the documentation:

Hi flamber

You’re on version v0.32.8

Built on 2019-05-13

The database is what I’m using is one from my app.

Ok thank you - I’ll look at the documentation.

Not that it will make a difference, but a slightly old version - latest version of the 0.32-series is 0.32.10 - the latest release is 0.33.4
We all use our own data - I meant, which database type are you querying?