Using same field filter at multiple questions


We are trying to migrate to Metabase from a paid vendor and got stuck at filter usage. All of our questions are native query. We have multiple global field filters to be used at different questions. Is there a way to write global filters or should we define or rewrite field filters for each question?


Field filter:
country: select distinct country from table a

Question 1:
select *
from table b
where True [[and {{country}}]]

Question 2:
select *
from table c
where True [[and {{country}}]]



Hi @SeckinDinc
Currently you would have to do it via a join. Note that you cannot use table aliases, when using Field Filters:

select *
from table
left join country on
where True [[and {{country}}]]

Thanks for the replay. I have this for a single table and it works. My problem is that should i do the same join for each table? When i do it for multiple tables i have multiple filters at dashboard. Even though i am using same labels they appear to be different filters.

@SeckinDinc I don’t know how you’re structuring your data, but you need to use a joined table (JOIN-clause) unless you’re using Field Filter on the main table (FROM-clause).

And then you would reference the same table and column in the variable sidebar of the Field Filter for all your questions.

Then you would only create a single filter on the dashboard, which you can connect to multiple cards/questions.

I would highly recommend that you have a look in the documentation:

Hi flamber!

We’ve found the solution to our issue(s):

  1. setting up the same field type filter on each separate question
  2. no longer using aliases on tables that will be used as filters (as it’s not supported at the moment).
  3. Linking dashboard global filters to the specific filter of each one of these questions.