Using Segments in Dashboard

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Our Data team have created some Segments all part of the same table. We would like to use those to filter Dashboards. Is this possible?

If not, is there a work around to doing so?

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What version are you running? Segments are not properly maintained but they should be part of filters

Segments and metrics.

Hey TonyC

Thanks for the reply. My understanding is we are using a self hosted/deployed version of Metabase, not the cloud version. Does that answer your question?

I'm new to Metabase and I'm not even sure what I see are Segments. They have a Star logo when looking at the fields I would like to filter on in the table.

2024-04-17 13_52_42-Question · Metabase

However, they've been used to create questions by the Data team, but if I create a question from Scratch I don't see any of those segments available. Do you know what could that be?


Is it possible you don't have permissions? ... By version i mean go to Admin -> Troubleshooting -> Diagnostic Info and share that here please

Hey TonyC

So our version is 0.49.3

Good but if you can use the segments to filter then wat's the issue exactly?

The problem is while the Segment can be referred to when building a Question, they can not be seen/used as a Dashboard filter.

2024-04-17 19_16_14-Alex testing · Dashboard · Metabase

They are not there / available. Is this a product limitation? Is this a permission? Am I trying to access them from the wrong place?

That is actually a limitation:

Ok I see. This is not very impressive coming from a BI tool :man_facepalming: