Using snippet in Model where-clause not working

Hi all!

I'm trying to build a model based on a SQL query. Since I want to show only a subset of the underlying tables' data, I'm using a set of WHERE clauses to filter out unwanted stuff.
I have organized these filters in several snippets for re-use.

My query looks similar to this (simplified):

SELECT * FROM mytable
{{snippet: only_relevant_data}}

The referenced snippet "only_relevant_data" contains statements like, e.g,

mytable.status = 'Open' or mytable.status = 'Unknown'

However, when trying to turn this into a model, Metabase complains that

"Variables in models aren't supported yet"
To solve this, just remove the variables in this question and try again. (It's okay to use SQL snippets or reference the results of another saved question.)

-> So essentially, snipptets should be fine. But apparently, using them inside a WHERE clause causes Metabase to treat them as if they were variables?

-> Am I getting something wrong here?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @florian_g
Upgrade to latest release: