V0.45.2 release date

I just wanted to know if there is an estimated release date for the v0.45.2.

Might be today

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Is there something special upcoming in this release that you are waiting for?

primarily these bug fixes...
Cannot select fields for double aggregated metrics, and existing sections gets removed on change · Issue #27462 · metabase/metabase (github.com)
"Replace missing values with" set to Zero or Nothing causes the line to become zeroed/hidden · Issue #27063 · metabase/metabase (github.com)

@prinja Metabase v0.45.2 is out :tada:


Congrats on the release! I noticed v0.45.2 was pushed to Docker Hub, but the latest tag is still on v0.45.1 - is that intentional?

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Great catch, @ajcoll5
Definitely wasn't intentional. I'll take a look at what went wrong and will try to fix it soon.

@ajcoll5 thank you so much!

Both comunity and enterprise versions have been updated and now correctly point to the x.45.2 release :tada: