V0.48.4 bug

v0.48.4 bug, all tables are not displayed, roll back to v0.48.3, everything is normal again

You're report is very likely to be ignored as there's so much information missing!
you need to supply all the diagnostics and which database you're using.

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I have the same problem since my last update with some Mysql databases: tables disappeard in some databases, but not all...
How can I you send more information for the dbug ?
I tested a lot of stufs to print my tables again, like delete cache, synchonize schemas, ... But no issue...
Thank you for advance

what version did everything work and which one did not?

The version v0.48.3 has no problem. But the bug appears on the v0.48.4 with no change on the configuration

I agree with your assessment on v0.48.3 without having problems.

I've logged a bug in GitHub (metabase/metabase) - Newly added MySQL DB tables not showing up, but old ones do show up · Issue #38499 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

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