Value filter date in the end of url web local

I already made dashboard in my local and i already embed it with the metabase. I found a problem. When we use the date filter in the metabase, it will show value from the date filter in the end of the metabase url.

I also want that in my local web, but the url didn't show the value from the filter of that date.

Everything still went smoothly, but i want to show the value in the url of my local web. Is there anyone who can help?

Hi @Zeddd
I don't think I understand what you mean. Can you provide more information and/or screenshots?

Of course. This is a screenshot of the web metabase. If we use the date filter, the value will appear at the end of the url.

And this is a screenshot from my local web.

On my local web there is no value of filter date at the end of url.
By the way, I'm using codeigniter, not using laravel

@Zeddd The parameter is set in the Metabase iframe, not your application. An iframe has no control over the site that embeds it - that is blocked by browsers for security reasons.
You would have to build a listener in your app, which checks the iframe src.