Values over time on a line chart

I am attempting to create a line chart that displays some test data. Each data point has timestamp for the x-axis value, and a integer value for the y-axis value.

Each data point is approximately two seconds apart. When visualized as discrete points, the graph should look like a sine wave.

I would like to create this chart in Metabase. However, when I "Summarize" the data, I don't see a way to chart discrete values. Furthermore, it appears that if I choose to "Group by..." time, the lowest granularity of time I can choose is "Minute".

Can I chart discrete values? That is to say, y-axis values are not summed, averaged, etc?

Or, alternatively, is there a way to reduce the x-axis granularity to second?

The resulting graph I created so far doesn't look anything like a sine wave (which is the correct display of the data).

See sample data below. And the chart I created in Metabase that I am hoping to improve.

hi, Metabase was not built to display granularities of seconds or less, I would suggest you check Grafana which was built for telemetry data

After tinkering around for a while, I found a way to do it... I guess I needed to use New > "SQL Query", rather than New > Question. Once I did, the graph turned out great.

Please pardon the newbie question!