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I am working in a project that I need to do a table with the last updates in Metabase.

My database updates once a day, with there is a new value in some table is it possible create a table with all those news values?

Hi @herrsiqueira
I don't quite understand what you are asking for. You can adjust the scan times:
Or you can do it via the API:

But matabase save this the time of that update in some table im metabase metadata?

@herrsiqueira Yes, the dropdown list values are stored in the table metabase_fieldvalues

Thanks @flamber, but I still have a problem.
I had a dataabase created last year in metabase and the last update was in december and yesterday was synched with new values. In the table we can see those news values but in metabase metadata still showing that the last update was in december.

Is it possible find in somewhere the date of this last update?

@herrsiqueira I don't understand what you are trying to do, so delete all values via Admin > Databases > (your-db) > "Discard saved field values". And then you re-scan again.
Otherwise read everything in the links that I already provided.

thanks, I will try give you some pictures later

Here is the last update

In the last picture you can see that we have new values on 4 Feb, but in the other pictures doesnt show.

Is there a place in Metabase Metadas that i can see the update from last picture?

@herrsiqueira I don't understand what you are trying to show in those screenshots.
First image is metabase_table, second is report_card.
And third is the correct table, but likely the wrong field_id.

Again, do what I have already recommended - delete all the scanned values.
And read this entire page:
And make sure that you are actually looking at the correct field.

Thanks @flamber

Last question

Is it possible link metabase metabase in Jetbrain DataGrip?

@herrsiqueira I don't understand your question. I would recommend that you either try another translation function or describe your question more thoroughly.

Can I connect metabase metadata in a Cross-platform database IDE like DataGrip or dbeaver

@herrsiqueira Are you asking if another program like DBeaver can connect to a database that it supports, yes, of course you can. It has nothing to do with Metabase.


can I see the metabase metadada (database) in Dbeaver?

@herrsiqueira Yes, everything is stored in the application database:
And before you even ask, make sure that you are not using H2: