Values with slashes dont appear in filters

I have created a simple question linked to a MongoDB collection, in which I just do a simple count of rows grouped by a field "serviceName". That field can have different kind of values, sometimes it's a simple string, sometimes it's a URL beginning with a slash.

When I add the question to a dashboard, and add a filter linked to the field "serviceName", all values beginning by a slash are not shown in the filter choices, and can therefore not be selected.

Is this a known bug ? (didn't find anything about that so far).
I'm using Metabase v1.49.13.

Hi There, what is the metadata assigned to the field serviceName?

As Semantic Type you might try to set it as URL, or Category. Maybe it might solve your issue, but I cannot be sure.

Do not forget to Re-scan this field!

Indeed, I did a simple re-scan and it fixed the issue. Thx !

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