Variable Filter shows wrong result

Hi, I am trying to figure out what is the problem.

I am creating 2 SQL questions in Metabase from one view

You can clearly see that I am creating a variable filter on the field, and it doesn`t work properly, because dates from October are shown

but if I am replacing that variable filter with SQL code that does the same(copypasted from another question), it does work as expected: only September is shown

I tried to recreate it in other questions, but everything worked fine there.
Metabase vers: 0.44.4
OS: Debian
Browser: Chrome

So, I did some experiments and somehow found that:

I don`t have any ideas, how does it work

Can you upgrade to 45? Because i think you are hitting this:

Shame on me, that I overlooked it. Thank you, update fixed my problem

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