Variable filters in dashboard don't work anymore

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We recently updated our metabase application to the latest version (
Since this update, we're facing an issue regarding the creation of filters in dashboards.

The thing is that we can set filters in the individual questions part (of the dashboard) without a problem:

But when we try to put questions into a dashboard and create a "text or category" filter in the dashboard pointing to an individual question's filter, according to metabase, no valid fields can be selected as reference for the filter:

Same applies to existing dashboards - the filters set prior to the update still work but we can't set up new filters. Is there anything we're doing wrong? We've been using metabase for several years now, so it shouldn't be a beginner's problem. Of course, we already went through the docs.

Thanks a lot in advance for your reply!

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Can you try with ID type of fields? this is interesting. Are those new questions? how much time do they take to run?

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Give it a try to use ::varchar instead of ::TEXT

Hi Luigi,
Thanks for your reply!
I think you saved my day - using the ID filter, it works! :slight_smile:
Isn't it a bit misleading that the text filter doesn't work but the ID filter does?
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Hi Dave,
Thanks for your reply, casting the columns as ::varchar doesn't work either.
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