Variable Include in Text Box of Dashboard


I am trying to show "29 Sep 2022 12:19 PM" instead of a hyperlink of "Last Update Time & Date" in the text box with the header "User" which redirects to a question that shows Last Update Date & Time. Currently, I can only showcase by using query but it is taking at least taking 3X3 container size in the dashboard edit option.

I can see we can either include using markdown or using include variable {{like this}}. Can I embed the question or variable there to show "29 Sep 2022 12:19 PM" instead of a hyperlink? - (Refer 3rd text box)

Hi @Pintu_Kumar
You can include variables in Textboxes since v44, but the value then needs to come from a filter:
So there wouldn't be a way to do exactly what you're looking.