Variable Settings not Populating after sharing link

I am setting up a question by creating a Native SQL. I am having issues setting variables. I have 2 variables set to be required and I have entered some default values. When I go to share my question and copy the public link and open it in a browser (Firefox in my case), one of the default values does not get populated. In the image, you can see I have 2 variables a user can enter. They are both number types and they are used to allow the user to enter the year and the number representation of the month. I have set them both to ‘required’ and have entered default values (2020 and 05). For some reason, the year default value is empty when I open the public URL and the Filter widget label is also missing (it is set to ‘Year’). What gives? How can I fix this?

Hi @rossi45
You’re seeing this issue, where default value is only applied to the last filter. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
You can apply the default values manually - see the comments of the issue.

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Thanks flamber! Updating the URL works and resolves my problem for now, but it would be nice if they would fix this bug.