Variables in Google Analytics native query


it would be awesome to have variable support in native queries with Google Analytics.

Thanks and best,

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Hi Johannes,
I create google analytics questions with the query builder, then the adding of a field (for example the date field) to my dashboard filter works.
As the native syntax for GA (at least in my environment) is json anyway for me there is no added value in using native queries with GA?
Are you able to use a another native syntax with Google Analytics that adds more benefits?
Cheers, Eva

Hi Eva,

I find using native queries for GA very helpful as I can do things in the GA JSON I cannot do with the query builder. My example from my other post is that I cannot sort by aggregation (e.g. #users) in the query builder. This is super important from my perspective.
And as I want to use it in the dashboard with a time filter, I would need to use variables in the native GA JSON.

Thanks and best,

Ah get it! I am no json expert but i am not sure that you can even use variables with that syntax? Is that metabase specific or is json just not “intelligent” enough?