Variances in Metabase


We have sales data for products and we need to figure out variances compared to certain date ranges.

So for example, we need to figure out what the variance in sales is from Aug 3rd 2018 to Aug 1st 2019 etc.

Would this be possible? Also, the output should output variances for multiple products, not just 1. Basically what we are looking for is the variances for several products at once.

Hi @z00100
I’m guessing you’re talking about the VARIANCE/VAR function in SQL?
Currently you cannot use that function in the interface via Custom Expressions, so you would have to use Native Question to create your own SQL query.

Hi @flamber,

Thanks for your answer, seems we have come to the same conclusion.

Is there any roadmap to add variances? It would be a great feature to add into Metabase.

While there’s a specific request for variances, I would recommend that you follow the more general one - and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post: - general - specific

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