Version 0.28

Wooohooo a new version! And one can add text cards … can´t wait to test it :slight_smile:


Text cards are very useful, thanks!

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Juste done a really “couldn’t be much easier” upgrade with docker :wink:

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When I downloaded the jar, it was still 0.27. Can be manually downloaded from

I wish all software was as quick and easy to upgrade!

:heart_eyes: Let us know what you think!

Looks great! 2 things I’ve noticed so far:

  1. Markdown for a horizontal rule just shows a tiny dot in the center of the line.
  2. Scroll bars in view mode don’t seem to work

Firefox 58.0.1

You’re right about horizontal rules, but I couldn’t reproduce the scroll bars not working in preview mode thing. Which OS and browser are you using?

The scrollbars do work in preview mode, but in “View” mode (either by clicking the little eye on the card or clicking Save on the dashboard) they do not. See 2nd screenshot above; the arrow is greyed out.

OS: Windows 10 Pro 1709
Browser: Firefox 58.0.2
“Vanilla” .jar download using builtin H2 database

Edit: Works fine in Chrome and IE. Looks like Firefox-specific. Or maybe it’s an extension I’m using.
Edit2: Tried running Firefox in Safe Mode (addons disabled), still not able to scroll.

Brrr… Scared to upgrade :slight_smile:
Everything is working just fine now. (But I always want to be on the latest ver.)

@maz - Is there a way to back up my Metabase config? Say if I wanted to move from EC2 to Heroku - for instance

Want to know what to do if I destroy everything?

Okay - upgraded anyway.
and got this:

502 Bad Gateway - nginx/1.12.1


any suggestions?

Maybe a bit late for you now regarding having proper backup of your config etc. but:

edit: oh and I’ll suggest you start a new thread describing your environment etc. what you did if you want help with getting your botched upgrade on its feet. It is not really on topic for this thread

To be honest I am a bit disappointed by the latest version.
None of the bugs I encountered in the last version were fixed.
The geolocation map is still distorted, x-axis descriptions are emissing or wrong and other issues.

I verified that all have been reported already but no avail.

Sorry to hear that, @c_schmitz! We’re a small team trying to tackle as much as we can, so it’s inevitable that each release will fix some things that are really important to many of our users while missing some of the problems that are important to others.

Fixing x-axis labels is definitely on our list. Regarding “geolocation” maps, could you point me to the specific issue you’re talking about? Thanks!