Version control report definitions in git?


I have read the docs on how to save your report definitions and I understand it is in a database.

We are interested in saving reporting logic and UI as integrated part of the whole analytics stack and the rest of the analytics logic (like dbt) is saved in git.

Is it possible to manage Metabase “code” in git so that we can leverage branches, merges, diffs and the like? To rephrase, are the "questions", "visualisations" and "expression" possible to save in a text representation so into a git repo?


Hi @anders5737
Yes, with Serialization:
There's more functionality being build to make this easier in future versions.

Thanks! Do you know if the serialized output is "stable" so if i commit to git on every change it will not cause "artificial diffs" of unrelated code but merely the changes I actually did in Metabase?

@anders5737 There's currently an issue we're working on:
But also look at the other issues:

Thanks again! I now understand where you are, that initiative on serialization looks promising!